Root Canal

Root Canal in Reseda

A root canal is a specialized procedure aimed at preserving your tooth and preventing its loss. Within our teeth lies a crucial component known as the pulp, housing the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue. When inflammation or infection occurs in this area, a root canal becomes necessary to salvage the tooth from potential extraction. 

Recognizing the Need for a Root Canal: 

Symptoms of an inflamed or infected pulp serve as indicators that prompt action: 

  1. Toothache: While toothaches are common, certain types, especially those accompanied by sharp pain leading to a generalized headache, may signal an issue with the tooth’s root. 

  2. Abscess: The presence of a bump near the top part of a tooth or pus in the mouth suggests a potential need for a root canal. 

  3. Sensitivity: Extreme pain when consuming hot or cold foods could indicate the necessity of a root canal. 

  4. Discoloration: Dark discoloration on the tooth signifies a deteriorated pulp, representing a severe sign. 

Don’t Delay: 

If persistent pain persists, reaching out to our dentist promptly is crucial. Saving a tooth through timely intervention is preferable to extraction and replacement. 

The Procedure: 

Root canals typically involve two appointments. The initial session, lasting up to an hour, addresses the root canal procedure. The second appointment focuses on applying a dental crown, as a significant portion of the tooth may be lost during the process, requiring a crown to restore its appearance. 

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