Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Reseda

A tooth that is damaged, broken, or in poor condition not only poses a threat to your overall health but can also impact your comfort and self-confidence. Dental crowns, quite literally resembling a crown or cap for your tooth, play a crucial role in restoring teeth, resulting in a visually pleasing appearance. 

Reasons for Choosing Dental Crowns: 

  1. Broken or Fractured Teeth: Dental crowns effectively address broken or fractured teeth. 

  2. Decayed Teeth: They provide a solution for decayed teeth. 

  3. Cosmetic Benefits: Dental crowns contribute to an aesthetically pleasing smile. 

  4. Large or Fractured Fillings: They are ideal for cases involving large or fractured fillings. 

  5. Root Canal Treatment: Dental crowns are commonly used to restore teeth after a root canal. 

  6. Restoration of Tooth Decay: Crowns are effective in cases of severe tooth decay, preventing the need for extraction and preserving as much natural tooth/enamel as possible. 

The Dental Crown Placement Process: 

Our process begins with a thorough consultation and examination, during which we create a personalized plan for your dental needs. Precise dental impressions are taken to ensure an accurate fit for your crown, and any existing decay or infection is addressed before crown placement. 

Once the impressions are ready, the crown is fitted onto your tooth. This meticulous process ensures a proper fit, allowing you to regain confidence in both your dental health and your radiant smile.


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