Dr. Anoush Yessaian, DDS, Reseda Dentist

Background and Credentials

Dr. Yessaian has been practicing dentistry for almost nearly twenty years. She has established many relationships with her patients and is committed to helping patients achieve excellent oral health and beautiful, long-lasting smiles.

She offers a wide range of dental treatments and procedures including restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Yessaian provides care with the goal of helping her patients keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. Her practice is founded on three pillars: functionality, aesthetics and most importantly health.

Dr. Yessaian is committed to learning about the latest advancements in dentistry. Through continuing education courses, she enjoys learning about new techniques and materials that will help make your dental experience more enjoyable.

She is also quad-lingual in English, Armenian, Spanish and Arabic.

Dr. Yessaian is an active member of the Armenian-American Medical Association.


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